Frequently Asked Questions

Buy and Selling Crypto with Future1Exchange is very Easy.When you’re trading crypto on Future1Exchange you place offers at a premium or discount and you’re making a transaction with a human being, there is no middlemen.
Future1Exchange offers a non-custodial escrow system using smart contract.When two people agree on a sale the seller puts the crypto in an escrow account. An escrow account holds the crypto in trust until it's paid for. This ensures both sides hold up their end of the deal. The buyer pays the seller outside the platform. Once the seller confirms payment, crypto is released from escrow to the buyer. Future1Exchange never takes hold of your crypto.
We treat your privacy with the utmost respect. Any messages between users are end-to-end encrypted, meaning we don’t have the ability to read them.
We do not allow changing of usernames.
You can click on Forget your Password button while Log In and reset the new password.
If you have lost access to your e-mail, you will need to contact our support team to attempt an account recovery.o-end encrypted, meaning we don’t have the ability to read them.
The Future1Exchange doesn’t store your Ethereum or ERC20 tokens. You have to login to your Metamask wallet to transfer Ethereum or ERC20 tokens from your account to escrow smart contract. Your Cryptos , Your Keys.
Transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain are irreversible. The only way to retrieve your Ether is to contact the receiving party and ask for them to return it.
You will be notified for each new trade.
There is no limit in creating offers. However Future1Exchange reserves the right to disable the account if we find malicious intentions in user’s behavior.
When an escrow is released, it is final. There is no avenue for recovery as we do not hold any of your crypto at any time. You are dealing directly with the blockchain, and it’s not possible to call back a transaction.
The buyer of crypto should never send money before the crypto is in escrow. Likewise, the seller should only release the escrow after they see money in their account. When a dispute is raised, the escrowed Ethereum or token being traded can only be released by a dispute resolution manager. It is up to this manager to determine who the Ethereum or token is to be released to. An arbitrator role is to decrypt messages, verify evidence, and get the crypto to its rightful owner.
Future1Exchange charges upto 0.5% fee from both maker and taker. In Ethereum and ERC20 token trade there is gas fees involved which is charged by the Ethereum Network.
Every transaction on the Ethereum network involves a cost that is paid to the miners. These transaction costs are called "gas" and the price of gas typically depends on how congested the Ethereum network is.
It takes usually 1hr upto 1 Working day for KYC to be verified.
You can contact the future1exchange support team by e-mail ([email protected]) or by using a live chat option on our webpage www.future1exchange.com.
You can use our service to trade ETHEREUM and over 100 different ERC20 Tokens.
We work with almost all countries.