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Future1Exchange is an Institutional grade digital asset exchange designed for both professional traders and retail investors. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and store digital assets.

Future1Exchange is registered and licensed to provide cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange and wallet services. The conduct of its operations is covered by the Estonian law.

Future1Exchange goal is to become the world’s leading Crypto Exchange and platform for Token Offering , Digital Asset Portfolio , Custody , Cryptocurrency Education and Forecasting.


Vision: “To create the most compelling Blockchain & Cryptocurrency company of the 21st century ”


Mission: “To accelerate the world’s transition to adoption of Blockchain & Crypto.”


Values :  Result & Customer Oriented , Integrity & Respect .



What is Future1Exchange?


Future1exchange is an Institutional Grade Crypto Exchange catering to both retail investors and professional traders. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and store digital assets. We have tied up with Ecxx for their trading platform , ledger vault for custody solutions, Paxos and OSL for OTC , Accuity and Cynopsis for KYC and AML ,  Know Your Token & Vision Capital for Token Project listing due diligence , Bitcurate to offer forecast on crypto assets based on Artificial Intelligence in real time , DWF law firm for their legal services and Keyrock for  Market Making & liquidity Services.


What separates Future1Exchange from other exchanges? Why should a Token List with Future1Exchange or a Trader/Investor open account with Future1Exchange?


Future1exchange is licensed and regulated in Estonia Europe. Most exchanges are not licensed , our Exchange being licensed and regulated will build trust in the market. Unlike other exchanges that take a huge listing fees anywhere between 5 to 20  BTC we on the contrary support listing projects by taking a very nominal listing fee and mostly in the native tokens of the project as a proof of our believe in the project .


We have one of the best security and we provide world-class service to our users. There are very few crypto exchanges which have contact numbers and live chat features where they can be reached. Future1exchange is bringing that level of customer service to the retail investors. We are giving Fort-Knox Security, Multi-signature Custody Services, a High-Speed Matching Engine, 24/7 transaction monitoring engine, and instant deposits and withdrawals. We are also assuring our clients, that their digital asset on Future1exchange will be 100% reserved and won’t be used anywhere else.


We also have an academy to educate our users on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. Only Companies that are legit and has great potential will be listed on our Exchange. Future1exchange will be the goto platform for investors and traders looking to invest in Disruptive technology companies that is going to shape the future. 


What problem is Future1Exchange Solving ?


Future1Exchange supports Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Projects ,  ICO  is like Crowdfunding using Blockchain. The benefits of using an ICO over other forms of funding are very clear. The ownership of the company remains yours. The cost of ICO is much much lower compared to an IPO. An ICO doesn't take money now in return for cranking out a product that hasn't yet been created so the pressure to produce a product quickly is much lower. Hence Future1Exchange solves the Fund raising problem of Entrepreneurs through Initial Crowdfund Offering and Listing.

Future1Exchanges also solves the problem of GateKeeping. Projects which were previously denied to the crowd and available only to Venture Capital and High Networth individuals with network and connections will no longer only be the privileged few members of the society. Future1Exchange will help entrepreneurs circumvent obstacles of fund raising wherein they can  appeal directly to a general audience on Future1Exchange Platform.


Startups and SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) account for over 95% of global firms and over 75% of employment. Future1Exchange wants to help Startups and SME in their Fund raising and Blockchain Journey and in turn help create Jobs for the Global Economy .


Who is the Team Behind Future1Exchange?


Future1Exchange is founded by kishore Mansinghani an Ex Hedge Fund Manager, Serial Entrepreneur, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the Financial Markets.  He started his career with an OTC Broker and thereafter worked in USA (Silicon Valley) with Asia-Tech a B2B Marketplace he then moved to Singapore and started his own hedge fund.

We have a stellar team – Herbert Sim from Huobi aka the Bitcoin Man, Eman Pulis founder of Malta blockchain Summit and Saleem Mohammad Founder & CEO of Tescon and World Blockchain Summit has joined our Board of Advisor.


What are your Growth Plans?


We are expanding and will be opening global offices in Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia.


Our current exchange platform is Crypto to Crypto, Blockchain companies can list their tokens on our exchange and one can soon exchange over 150+ cryptocurrencies. We will be launching our IEO Launch pad, Multi Language trading Interface and clients will be able to purchase Crypto with Credit Card. There after we are going to launch our P2P and Margin Trading Platform.


What is Future1Exchange Goals , Mission and Vision ?


The goal is to provide retail investors with best in class exchange in the world. To become the world’s leading Cryptocurrecy Exchange and platform for Buying and Trading Cryptos, Token Offering, Digital Asset Portfolio, Custody, Cryptocurrency Education and Forecasting.

Vision & Mission is to create the most compelling Blockchain & Cryptocurrency company of the 21st century and to accelerate the world’s transition to adoption of Blockchain & Crypto.

Through Future1exchange Platform, everyone will be able to buy/trade cryptocurrencies and startups will be able to raise funds for their ideas through token offering & listing.